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Success Stories


Margaret's Story

Margaret had been plagued with head and neck pain for almost 15 years. She was involved in an automobile accident and following the automobile accident had unremitting head and neck pain. She was evaluated by a multitude of physicians who had prescribed a variety of medications and physical therapy and suggested various surgeries.

Margaret muddled through for a number of years and had some benefit with Botox, but the Botox became less and less effective as the years went on. She was using a large number of medications specifically for a headache, as her headaches were constant on a daily basis.

Margaret was referred to Newport Beach Headache & Pain, where she underwent a trial of subcutaneous electrical stimulation. This procedure implants small electrical wires under the skin in the areas of the worst pain. For Margaret, it was her temples on both sides and the back of her head near the occipital nerve. During the testing, she felt remarkably better. She underwent an implant of these electrodes and subsequently has been completely pain-free of headaches for the last 6 months.

Since that time, her medication usage has decreased to an occasional Imitrex every few months. Today she is active, exercising on a daily basis, which she was unable to do before. She used to wear a neck brace regularly, and now it has been many months since she has been required to use the neck brace. Her marriage has improved, and her social life has expanded significantly.