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Spinal Cord Stimulation

Chronic pain can be crippling and debilitating. It affects people worldwide and can commonly affect the back, arms, legs, head and other locations. If you have been experiencing pain for 3 months or longer, you may be a candidate for spinal cord stimulation.

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is an effective treatment for pain in the trunk, extremities and head and can provide relief to patients suffering from neuropathic pain, diabetic neuropathy, postlaminectomy syndrome and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Doctors have been using this treatment for over 40 years, and with great efficacy. The most classic use for spinal cord stimulation is for patients who have tried other treatments such as medications, surgery, and injections that do not provide adequate relief.

Spinal cord stimulation provides pain relief to patients by delivering electrical pulses to the spinal cord. These electrical pulses interrupt abnormal pain messages before they reach the brain, resulting in excellent pain relief.

Spinal cord stimulation is done in 2 stages. The first stage is diagnostic. Through a needle, the electrode is placed in the appropriate spinal area that innervates the area of chronic pain. A small programmable generator is also implanted under the skin to deliver a customized electrical current to meet the your needs. The patient then trials the implants for 2-7 days. During that time, changes are made to the programmable generator to provide maximum pain relief. If the trial is successful, our doctors will meet with you to discuss the second stage, the placement of a more permanent spinal cord stimulation system.

It's important to know that spinal cord stimulation allows you to be in control. As the patient, you will be able to turn the current on and off and adjust the intensity to meet the needs of the location and severity of your pain. If necessary, the system can be removed. It allows you to get back to what's most important to you, and in many instances can reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication.

Our doctors will meet with you to discuss the best treatment options for you and how spinal cord stimulation can help.

Nevro's HF10 Therapy is one of the spinal cord stimulators that we use. Find out more by watching the videos below: