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Before Your Visit


Important Information

In order for your first visit to be the most beneficial, for you as the patient and for us at the provider, there is some information that we will need to gather, in order to make that happen.

Medical Records:
In order for us to fully evaluate your needs we require that we have all medical history regarding your accident/injury/illness, PRIOR to your appointment date.  This means we will need copies of all of the following;

  • Radiology Reports (MRI, CT, X-Ray, etc.). 
  • Diagnostic Tests (EMG’s, Discogram, etc.).
  • Operative Reports (related to the condition we are treating)
  • Supporting Documentation (referral, treatment guidelines/requests from you referring Physician).
  • Medical Records Release Form (Click to Download) .  Please complete and return with your Questionnaire.

Medical History:
To simplify things for you, please download and complete our New Patient Questionnaire, in its entirety.  This information will be placed in your secure and confidential EMR (Electronic Medical Record), here in the office. 

Day of your Visit:
  • Please bring a current photo ID.
  • Please bring your insurance card(s).
  • Please remember to arrive 20 minutes early (this will allow time for the finalization of paperwork, collection of your financial responsibility and for us to take your picture for your medical record).