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Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation

DRG Stimulator

St. Jude Medical's Axium™ Neurostimulator System is the first and only neurostimulation device designed for dorsal root ganglion (DRG) stimulation. By stimulating the DRG, a spinal structure densely populated with sensory nerves that transmit information to the brain via the spinal cord, the St. Jude Medical Axium system delivers a form of spinal stimulation that gives physicians the ability to treat the specific areas of the body where pain occurs. For patients with neuropathic chronic intractable pain associated with CRPS – conditions underserved by traditional SCS –stimulation of the DRG can provide pain relief when previous treatment options have not provided adequate pain relief.

Results from the ACCURATE IDE study, the largest study to date evaluating patients suffering from neuropathic chronic intractable pain associated with CRPS or peripheral causalgia, showed a statistically significant number of patients receiving DRG stimulation achieved meaningful pain relief and greater treatment success when compared to patients receiving traditional SCS. Patients in the study were randomized to receive DRG stimulation delivered by the Axium Neurostimulator System or conventional tonic SCS therapy, and nearly all of the patients receiving DRG stimulation reported better stimulation targeting in their area of pain without extraneous paresthesia than patients receiving traditional SCS. After 12 months, more than a third of patients who received DRG stimulation were experiencing greater than 80 percent pain relief with no paresthesia.